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Cathleen Collins

Author ~ Poet ~ Dreamer

What a ride the last few years have been, right? All the craziness of a pandemic, the world shutting down, reopening, masking, distancing, political unrest, the division of families and friends, but the one constant has always been books. No matter how ugly or scary the world gets, books will always be here to brighten your day, remind you that you aren't alone, provide you with the escapes that keep your head above water. I know there are so many of us who have spent a lifetime with our noses between the pages of someone else's masterpiece, living vicariously through characters that leave us utterly fulfilled.

My entire life has been spent dreaming of the day I could have my words spreading along the crisp white pages, giving someone else the joy of escape.  Life is white water and danger, negotiating the wild rapids with paddle in hand, bracing for impact, and whooping with joy when you reach calmer waters. This is the life I want! I'm ready for the world to take its first tentative bite of me and find me a surprisingly interesting taste!

It is with all that in mind that I have finally started my journey as an author! Many thanks to Bold Strokes Books for taking a chance on some unknown country gal with a dream in her heart and weird sense of humor.

Image by Laura Kapfer


Available Now!

Released 8/1/23

Lily Andrews is only eleven years old when she boards a small aircraft with her mother, destined for the beautiful gulf coast of Texas. Tragedy strikes mid-flight when the plane goes down deep in the wild Ozarks, and Lily must survive in the unforgiving forest. With the help of a gruff mountain man and his dog, along with Lily’s intense grit and determination, she thrives in her private oasis. When a simple mistake forces her to make a life-altering decision, she is ripped from her mountain paradise and thrust into civilization once more.

Jessica Velasquez has never recovered from the death of her father. The only way she can get closure is to find out what really happened when his plane went down. When a stranger races out of the wilderness with her father’s belongings eight years after his plane went down, Jessica hopes the woman will have the answers she’s looking for.

Between Lily’s sheltered life and Jessica’s reservations about letting anyone close, both are ill-equipped for a relationship, but can they deny their true feelings?


The Ghost's Host

Available now! 

Release date 1/1/22

When skeptic, Renee Chambers, acquires a new, phantasmic friend with boundary issues, she must come to terms with her past before she can learn how to embrace the future.


Broken Branch

Novel ~ not yet submitted

Violet McHale hasn't been the same since the death of her mother in a tragic barn fire. When her father's ill health brings her home to help run his horse farm, can her love of horses, a rowdy paint stallion, and the help of a new trainer help her overcome her fears and take the reins?

Other works in progress

The Taker.jpg

The Taker

Novella ~ Not yet completed

Patricia Williams believes she is losing her mind! The small town mayor hasn't been sleeping well, or at least not staying in her bed while she is doing it, and between the stress of work, her lovably dysfunctional family and the parting words of a local psychic, Pat find herself in the strangest predicament of all. Which reality will she choose?

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