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Meet the Author


Cathleen Collins


A native Pennsylvanian and a HACC, EGCC, and WGU alumna, Cathleen "Cat" Collins has been fascinated with words for as long as she can remember. She started out writing poetry and short stories, but somehow, enough characters wiggled their way into her thoughts that she had to put them on paper. Thanks to a vast network of friends (both in-person and in the magical land of the internet) cheering her on, she has started more projects than she could ever possibly finish. All her work is centered around the L in LGBTQ+ and varies from paranormal/fantasy to plain old romance to feral children (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love feral children?).

After a complete 180-degree career change from the night shift world of caring for developmentally disabled adults, to the 9 - 5 daylight world of personal income tax, Cat has learned to be even more thankful for every day and every person she meets. She is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special education, and who knows where that may lead?

Cat spends her free time lounging about the farmette she shares with her partner of two decades, Lori, and their menagerie of horses, cats, dogs, and feathered friends. She enjoys starting construction projects she will never truly complete, growing a jungle of vegetables, and pretending she doesn’t like to bake.

You can email Cat, find her perusing all the crazy cat groups on Facebook, or follow all her chaos and shenanigans on Instagram. Since technology is the bane of her simple existence, she will most likely never tweet, hashtag, or TikTok her way into internet infamy without encouragement from a high voltage cattle prod or a carrot stick baited with peanut-butter cups.



Other half, partner and sounding board

Shhh! Don't tell her she is on the internet! ;)

Skippy, Dancer & Baby Girl

Scenery enhancers

These girls have kept me sane (okay, maybe not sane, but certainly functional) for many years. While Skippy is more of a 'pasture potato' at the ripe old age of 27, Dancer and Baby Girl are the go anywhere crew. You can usually find us wandering down neighborhood roads and spooking at the wind!


Trouble & Thumper

GSD/BC & 150lb Chihuahua in charge of all lap and foot warming duties

These two goons are the welcoming committee. Trouble, the smaller pupper, keeps a close eye on guests, while her big sister pins them to the furniture and snuggles (suffocates) anyone who dares take a seat.

Rat, Brother & Pie

Quality (Petting) Control

The indoor crew is always on the prowl for pets and snacks, frequently interrupting whatever anyone is doing by getting as in the way as possible.

The Boys.jpg


Guard turkey extraordinaire

Oliver makes sure no one comes on to the property without a proper greeting and works tirelessly, night and day, to assure his human slaves are aware of his presence.

Fluff Fluff

Most active member of the fan club

Fluff is an expert stalker, garden assistant and general hanger on. She prefers being held, long walks down the driveway and waiting on the porch to be fed hours before feeding time.

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